Project Verification

Third party evaluation of the sustainability of civil infrastructure projects is the primary purpose of the Envision® Rating System. While the Envision®Rating System can be used as a template to guide project planning, ISI's independent, third party Project Verification Program is a transparent and publicly acclaimed process to confirm that a project meets the Envision® evaluation criteria.


Project Awards and Recognition:

ISI will recognize projects that attain high levels of achievement in using the Envision® Rating System with one of four award levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To qualify for an award projects must:

    Achieve a minimum of the total applicable Envision® points
The point levels used in evaluating projects by Envision® are:

Recognition LevelTotal Applicable Points (%)
Bronze Award20
Silver Award30
Gold Award40
Platinum Award50

Roles of Key People:

Envision® Sustainability Professional (ENV SP)

  • The ENV SP is an ISI credentialed professional working on the project team on behalf of the design firm, the contractor or the infrastructure owner. A project may have more than one ISI credentialed professional associated with it, but only one need endorse the project submission. The ENV SP is an individual trained and credentialed in the use of the Envision® Rating System.
  • The Verifier is a qualified expert contracted to ISI to verify or confirm the Levels of Achievement, required documentation, and final score submitted by the ENV SP. Specific information on Verifier qualifications will be available on the ISI website in the near future.
  • The ISI-assigned Authenticator provides oversight to the Verification process: he or she provides quality control by ratifying the decisions made by the Verifier.

Project Application and Verification Process:

Step 1: Project Registration
The ENV SP will register the project on behalf of the project owner or project team. The application form includes the name and a short description of the project, the project owner, the ENV SP's name, and contact information. The Application Fee of $1000 must be paid when the application form is submitted.

Once the project is registered, the official online scoring sheet for that project will be opened to enter, remove and edit data, and a Verifier will be assigned to the project by ISI. The Verifier will contact the project team to conduct an initial teleconference to discuss Envision® goals for the project. After the initial teleconference is complete, the Verifier will notify ISI and the Assessment step will begin.

Step 2: Assessment
The documentation required to show a Level of Achievement is listed in the Envision® Guidance Manual. The onus is on the project team to ensure the documentation submitted with the Assessment demonstrates the Level of Achievement claimed. Engineers and Architects on the project team are responsible for ensuring engineering and architectural plans are accurate. The project team may contact the Verifier during the Assessment for clarifications or questions on Envision® like evaluation, documentation or interpreting Levels of Achievement.

The project team will notify the Verifier and ISI when the Assessment is complete.

Step 3: Verification
The Project Team will notify the ISI when they want to begin the Verification and will pay the Verification Fee, which is based on the dollar value of the project.

The Verifier will review the Levels of Achievement and supporting documentation provided by the Project Team. If additional documentation is required to prove a Level of Achievement, the Verifier will request it from the project team.

The Verifier lists an interim score and notifies ISI when the Verification is complete.

Step 4: Authentication
The ISI Authenticator will review the Verification to ensure the same standards and interpretations are applied to all projects.

The Authenticator's confirmation of the Verifier's score is considered the final project score. If the Authenticator's final decision on a credit differs from the Verifier's, the project team will be notified to provide additional proof where documentation was not sufficient to support the Level of Achievement requested.

Notification of the final score is sent to ISI, the Verifier, and the project team. After the notification is sent, the Verifier will contact the project team to schedule a Verification close out teleconference to discuss the final score. After the Verification close out teleconference is complete, the project team may request an appeals process. Otherwise, the project will move to the Recognition step.

Step 5: Recognition
As noted previously, the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum awards will be given based on the percentage of applicable points achieved.

Appeals Process:

Each applicant may request a single appeal upon notification of the final project score (after Step 4: Authentication).

That appeal will go before an Appeals Board composed of three Verifiers assigned by ISI.

The project team will electronically submit an explanation of which credit decision they want to appeal, why it should be reconsidered, and any supporting documents. An Appeals Fee of $500 per credit will be due at the time the request for appeal is submitted.

The Appeals Board will review the appeals request and will make a written summary of their determination. They will write a brief explanation explaining their decision. The written summary will be sent to ISI, the Verifier who conducted the Verification, and the project team. The Appeals Board's decision will be final.

Fee Schedule:

Application Fee
All projects that register for Assessment will be charged an application fee of $1000 at the time of registration.

Verification Fee for Design/Preconstruction Phase
The fee system for third-party verified projects is based upon the dollar value of the project.

Project Size ($)Non-Member PriceISI Member Price
Up to 2M$3000$2400
2-5M$8500 $7000
5-25M$17,000 $14,000
25-100M$25,000 $21,000
100-250M$33,000 $28,000
Over 250MContact ISI for large or multi-phase projects.

Appeals Fee
The final score for any of the 60 credits may be appealed. An appeals fee of $500 per credit will be charged when the project team requests an appeal of the final project score.


How long will Verification take to complete once I finish the assessment step?
Verifications will usually be completed within a 90 day period from the date of acceptance by ISI. Exceptions for large or complex projects will be negotiated with the applicant and time frames agreed upon in advance.

Can I send documents instead of using the online scoring tool?
The ISI Verification Process will be web based. Applications and documentation will be submitted electronically. Mailed or faxed documents will not be accepted.