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Project application and Verification FAQs

Envision® Checklist

Envision® project workbooks — the online scoring tool

Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system

Envision® is an in-depth guidance and rating system used to assess and improve the sustainability metrics of all types and sizes of infrastructure projects. It includes the Envision® Guidance Manual and online scoring system.

Projects that use the Envision® rating system may be eligible for project awards if they go through the optional project Verification process.

Envision® Checklist

The Envision® Checklist is an educational tool that helps users become familiar with the sustainability aspects of infrastructure project design. It can be used as a stand-alone assessment or to prepare for a more detailed assessment. By following the Checklist, users can determine how their project concepts relate to the Envision® credits and can roughly estimate their potential achievements in sustainable performance. The Checklist results are not eligible for ISI awards.

The Envision® rating system and Envision® Checklist are publically available at no cost.

An economic tool, construction and O+M phase credits, and other stages of the Envision® rating system are currently under development.