Envision™ and ISI The Envision™ Rating System The Need for Envision™

These presentations provide you with the latest information on the Envision™ sustainable infrastructure rating system.

These short slide presentations cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the Envision™ rating system
  • The need for the Envision™ rating system
  • The structure of ISI and key people involved in Envision™, including ENV SPs and Verifiers

You may download and use all or part of the slides in your own presentation.

The following handouts are also available for your use:

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Speakers Bureau

ISI's Speakers Bureau helps you find someone to talk about Envision at your upcoming meeting, function, or event. The speakers are volunteers and credentialed ENV SPs who are available to speak at no charge to the requesting organization. Please read the attached guide for more details. Use the form below to request someone for an upcoming event.

Economic Companion Tools to Envision

Economic factors are an essential component of sustainable infrastructure, along with environmental and social considerations. The business case for sustainable infrastructure goes beyond a return on investment: it also includes infrastructure effectiveness, costs, reliability, and livability. These factors contribute to how communities perceive these infrastructure projects which in turn has a real dollar value associated with it.

There are several economic tools that are being developed in parallel in different agencies, companies, and research organizations that fill the unique needs of different infrastructure sectors and geographic locations. ISI encourages the development of these tools and will continue to provide an opportunity for public feedback to strengthen the metrics and tools that will be made publically available.

Impact Infrastructure, LLC. Business Case Evaluator for Stormwater

The tool presented here, called the Business Case Evaluator, is from Impact Infrastructure, LLC, Charter Member of ISI. The first module of the Business Case Evaluator provides a value-based and risk-adjusted analysis of stormwater infrastructure projects and maps these to Envision credits. Impact Infrastructure, LLC, has made the BCE available at no-cost to Envision users.

Business Case Evaluator User & Documentation
BCE Example